C & R Customs Brokers

Forms and Applications

Forms and Applications

C & R Customs Brokers  – Credit Card Authorization Form

C & R Customs Brokers – Customs Power of Attorney

U.S. Fish & Wildlife        – USFWS Import Export Permit

U.S. Fish & Wildlife        – RE-EXPORT (CITES) Form 3-200-73

U.S. Fish & Wildlife        – Personal Pets, One-time Import (CITES and or WBCA) 3-200-46

U.S. Fish & Wildlife        – Cooperative Breeding Program, Approval 3-200-49

U.S. Fish & Wildlife        – Cooperative Breeding Program, Import 3-200-48

U.S. Fish & Wildlife        – Zoological Breeding and Display, Import 3-200-47

U.S. Fish & Wildlife        – Plant CITES Form 3-200-32

U.S. Fish & Wildlife         – Import of Sport-Hunted Trophies of Southern African Leopard, African Elephant, and Namibian Southern White Rhinoceros  Form 3-200-19

CDC Department of Health and Human Services – NOTICE TO OWNERS AND IMPORTERS OF DOG

Environment Protection Act (EPA) – Importation of Motor Vehicles and Motor Vehicle Engine Subject to Federal Air Pollution Regulations EPA Form

Department of Transportation (DOT) – DOT Form HS-7