C & R Customs Brokers

Power of Attorney

In order to serve you and to act on your behalf as your U.S. Licensed Customs Broker, It is a requirement by Customs and Border Protection that we have a signed Power of Attorney on file for all of our clients prior to transacting in Customs business.

Attached is our Customs Power of Attorney. – Click here to fill out our Customs Power of Attorney 

Please print, fill out, sign and either fax it or scan and email it back to our office.

Fax: 305-885-5243

or email: Robert Conyers or Ryan Rodriguez

 § 141.46 Power of attorney retained by customhouse broker. Before transacting Customs business in the name of his principal, a customhouse broker is required to obtain a valid power of attorney to do so. He is not required to file the power of attorney with a port director. Customhouse brokers shall retain powers of attorney with their books and papers, and make them available to representatives of the Department of the Treasury as provided in subpart C of part 111 of this chapter.