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Moving to the U.S.

Moving to the U.S.

Moving to the U.S.

Moving to the U.S. – Household and personal effects, Packing / Inventory list

I am moving to the U.S. with household and personal effects; how can I make the entry process more efficient?

When completing the Customs and Border Protection Form (CBP Form) 6059B, “Customs Declaration,” for accompanying goods or the CBP Form 3299 “Declaration For Free Entry of Unaccompanied Articles,” the statement that the goods are “household effects” is not enough information. The complete inventory of imported goods will be treated as the packing list and must be provided to CBP upon request.

Canadians (who live in the U.S. for certain parts of the year, known as “snowbirds”) must also submit a CBP Form 3299 in order to import unaccompanied household effects into the U.S., although not permanently. No form is needed if you plan to travel along with your goods, however, a manifest listing the items contained in your vehicle is necessary to present to the officer at the Port of Entry.

Note: Any nonconforming motor vehicle or engine, which is 21 years old or greater and has not been modified within that time, is considered by EPA to be exempted from Federal emission requirements.

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